What We Believe

We are a committed Christian community in the Anglican tradition. We strive to be a place where the diversity of Christian belief and understanding can flourish so that we can witness with authority and integrity to the love of Jesus Christ in the world.

We believe in God who creates and sustains all things, so that we return regularly to worship for rest and renewal. We believe in God who animates, energises and inspires us, so that we translate our faith into enquiry and wonder about the world. Standing firmly in the historic breadth of Christianity in the Anglican Church yet rooted humbly in the awareness of our own boundaries and limitations, we strive to welcome all, to include all.


Prayer is the oxygen of our relationship with God. The most well-known Christian Prayer is the Lord’s Prayer which Jesus taught his disciples to pray in response to their request – ‘Lord teach us to pray’.

Prayer is expressed in many ways and in many forms, some more formal and prescribed, as in our Worship Services and, some very personal and intimate between God and us. Many people say that they find it hard to pray. The intention of wanting to pray is as acceptable to God as the most eloquent form of prayer. In prayer, God meets us where we are. All we need do is to still our minds and bodies in order to open ourselves to receiving God’s Holy Spirit into our hearts and minds.

At the Parish of Lund, we encourage, and try to enable people, to grow in prayer by offering opportunities to pray with others in ways in which they may not have experienced before. One such opportunity is “Lectio Divina”, which is an ancient form of listening prayer using a small passage of Holy Scripture to listen to what God might be saying to us through the use of our imagination and listening. The other is through Christian Meditation or Silent Prayer whereby we still our bodies and minds to allow the Holy Spirit of God, which is within every human being, to enter our whole being, body, mind and soul.

Details of opportunities to experience these methods of prayer are published in the EVENTS section on this web-site.