"The Graves of Lund" a poem by Nikki Atkinson.

The Graves of Lund.

I dusted down your grave to see

Who was underneath, revealed to me.

Did you fight in the war, I wondered?

Would someone lay flowers, for you remembered?

But you are a hero to me.


You lie at Lund with your fellow men

And then with your loved one, united again.

You are at peace, apart from the dawn chorus

As they rejoice, all of you glorious.

As you are a hero to me.


So I will continue, as long as I can

To care for you, every woman, child and man,

Who died for their country, remembered at St John.

No more tank, rifle, musket or bomb,

Because you are all heroes to me.

(Nikki Atkinson  8th May 2020)