Baptisms at St John's

If you live in the Parish of Lund, have a close pastoral connection with this church, or regularly attend services here then please contact us about arranging a Baptism here at Lund Church.

You can find out which is your local parish church at A Church Near You.


Baptism (sometimes referred to as christening) involves an ‘initiation’ and welcome into the world-wide church, represented by a local church with which you have a relationship.

To hold a Baptism at Lund Church you must either:

If you do not live in the parish and do not have a pastoral connection, we suggest that you contact your local parish church, as it is important that the baptism takes place in a church community that can nurture your faith and welcome you to become part of its community.



For Bookings And More Information

If you’d like to a arrange a Baptism in Lund Church, or find out whether you live in the parish,
please contact us.